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Senior Mechanical Engineer at Shell

S h e l l

Senior Mechanical Engineer

(Singapore - Other)

Shell first established its presence in Singapore in 1891. Since then we have grown into one of the Island's largest foreign investors employing about 2,000 staff. Assets held by Shell Companies in Singapore exceed US$6 billion. Shell Singapore recently received the Best HR, Best Graduate Development Practices and Best Change Management Practices awards at the 2008 HRM Awards. Shell Singapore also won the coveted Work-Life Excellence Award this year from the The Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy.


* The Senior Mechanical Engineer will be involved directly in maintenance strategy and planning of rotating machinery;
* The person will lead in trouble shooting, tests & commissioning of rotating machinery, improvement to work methods & equipment reliability and related HSEQ matters;
* The person must also possess skills in static equipment engineering and maintenance;

o Conduct failure analysis and problem solving of major rotating equipment problems. These issues are often initially identified as machinery problems but may involve complex systems evaluations;
o Analysis and solution extend into other technologies as well as unit operation and/or maintenance;
o Identifies, develops, and/or applies successful practices in mechanical design, maintenance, and operation within the associated companies, among our peers & competitors and our suppliers;
o Supports operations in the areas of machinery selection, revamp and retrofit of existing equipment, identification of needed repairs, selection of overhaul procedures, condition monitoring, and interface with/or selection of vendors;
o Facilitates, leads, and/or participates in structured analysis processes, e.g., Root-cause-analysis; Reliability-centred-maintenance etc;
o Mentoring and training personnel in machinery technology, maintenance applications, failure analysis;
o Audiences include machinery skill pool and those in other skill pools that require some knowledge of machinery fundamentals, e.g, operations;
o Maintains familiarity with some number of the specific technologies related to machinery, e.g, rotor dynamics, stress analysis, evaluation of load carrying limits, machine component design, and thermodynamic performance;
o The individual need not necessarily be able to perform the calculation or analyses. However, the individual must be able to identify and hire those with the appropriate skills and have sufficient skill to review the results obtained;
o Interface with and manage vendors and/or outside consultants in the acquisition of hardware or technical support;
o Provides technical support to projects, and the repair and inspection of machinery and components;
o This task may include providing detailed scopes, specification, design review, performing quality audits, and testing of machinery, including the interaction with process engineers in project development, manufacturers on procurement of the machinery, contractors on the inspection and repair of the machinery;
o Develops maintenance/overhaul plan for the rotating equipments, including detailed scope of work and the quality requirements;
o Knowledge and experience in RCM techniques and application of the same for rotating equipments;
o Develops and implements initiatives for the reliability improvement of rotating equipments and its long term sustainability.


* The incumbent should have a University Degree in mechanical engineering combined with a minimum of 5 to 8 years of mechanical equipment engineering/maintenance experience in the oil or petrochemical plants;
* Good understanding of the various international mechanical standards, e.g, ANSI/API;
* Machine Condition monitoring;
* Machine troubleshooting and performance monitoring;
* Hands on experience in the troubleshooting and repair of Centrifugal & Reciprocating Compressors, Steam Turbines, Gears, Mechanical Seals & flush plans, ANSI/API Pumps and Gas turbines;
* Authorisation to work in Singapore is required for this position.

Application Deadline: Friday 13 February 2009

Number of Vacancies: 2

Shell is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Closing Date:13-2-09

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